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Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is intended to infuse loving, positive energy into your field and stabilize its frequency. Its purpose is to reduce vulnerability to emotional attack and trauma, clear energy blocks, and repair damage to your field to stimulate healing at all levels of body-mind-spirit.

As minerals are essential to health, crystals are integral to our physical structures. Blood, bone, and eyes are some of the body’s crystalline structures.

The physiological and psychological healing effects of crystals have been advocated by ancient and modern cultures throughout the world, though they have yet to be quantified scientifically.

Crystal Healing Therapy in St Charles, ILCrystal Therapy Objectives
• Locate and clear energy blocks
• Open and balance the chakras
• Stimulate organs and energy systems
• Release negative energy
• Clear emotional wounds and trauma
• Locate and clear past-life wounds

During a session, crystals compatible with your frequency, physiology and desired outcome are selected. You may also bring your favorite stones. The therapist directs healing intent through the crystals to stimulate your body’s energy systems.

Crystal therapy may be effectively combined with other holistic modalities.

From my office in St Charles IL, I offer crystal therapy for the Geneva – South Elgin – Batavia area. Call 630-253-0576 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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