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About Ameliorate Massage

About Ameliorate Massage

a•me•lio•rate  verb  to make or become better, to improve.

Ameliorate massage is personalized therapy that aims to improve comfort and health for adults and children through skilled touch and hands of love. In consideration of good health I use organic and natural oils, lotions and cleaning products.

An Ameliorate massage combines clinical (proven science) and alternative (outside the scope of current science) methods to accommodate your conditions, concerns and progress.

massage-combinationAn Ameliorate massage is attentive care with conscientious touch and mindful presence to remedy specific and general issues for you and your family.

I respect pain as an individual experience presenting an extreme range of impairment, thus every treatment is individualized to offer a wide range of benefits.

An Ameliorate massage provides a comfortable safe space for your inner work practice. The mind, body, spirit connection is an important part of holistic well being.

Injury is not always a visible wound such as a broken bone or laceration. Trauma generates internal disturbances which may not be easily imaged or diagnosed.

Ameliorate massage and craniosacral is therapeutic preparation and restoration before and after dental and medical treatments.

I honor the rate your body responds to therapy. Conscious attention facilitates thorough release to provide lasting results as well as a relaxing session.

An Ameliorate massage is more than a traditional massage session. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll realize why.

In Wellness,
Theresa Winters, LMT, NCBTMB

Craniosacral Therapy

CST relieves pain, stress, migraine and effectively treats injury or ongoing conditions such as TMJ, Autism & EBD.

Clinical Therapist

It is my joyful pleasure to work with the newborn, children, adults or seniors. I will provide a safe healing experience for you and your family.

Massage Therapy

An Ameliorate Massage assists your body's own healing ability and creates a clearer, stronger energy field.